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Reem Medlij

 My name is Reem Medlij a special education major and I am from a wonderful little village called Kfar Qara. I am a second-year student at Beit Berl College, and I am a part of the program of excellence. 

In this program, we take a variety of interesting and diverse courses that help us expand our minds and allow us to explore sides of ourselves that we did not get a chance to explore before. This program gave us the chance to grow as individuals, it gave us the tools to think critically and creatively. It helped us build our character and to look at ourselves as leaders. A great example of one of those courses is "Studies in International Literature and Multiculture". 

I'm from here. In the Memory of my grandmother

while taking this class I have discovered a creative side of me that I did not know I had. I have also achieved new accomplishments that I did not think I was capable of. I have learned new creative skills such as expressive photography, which I greatly enjoyed and connected with. My journey throughout this course was filled with moments of joy, moments of excitement, and challenge. Those moments contributed and helped me grow and flourish as a creative and as a leader.  

I have throughout this course discovered my creative side, and how much I love capturing a moment with my camera and making pieces of art that reflect stories and messages. My outlook has definitely changed and evolved; I now seek to view my surrounding world with depth. Now, I care to look closer and deeper to things that in the past I may have found to be trivial. 

 All the pictures and poems that you will see and read reflect stories from my life. Those poems and pictures are connected to my memories and life experiences. 

I hope that you will enjoy the humble collection that I have produced throughout this course. 

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