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Muhamad  Jabali 

I am Muhamad Jabali, a student from Beit Berl college, I live In Taybe and photography for me is an inner game. What comes out in my photography is the total expression of who I am, how I think, and what I see.

7th assignment.jpg

I realized my love for taking pictures a few years ago. It all started when my father bought a new DSLR camera, He loved taking pictures too, and I’m the only son who followed his passion.  I remember holding the camera almost every time I traveled, on occasions and at other random times. I grow up as a true lover of cameras and last year I saved money and bought my own camera. Around the same time the second part of the course started, and because I decided to follow a different career than photography, it was a great opportunity for me to explore photography to expand limits, and I was very happy to learn new things as well.

             “Baby steps to giant strides” I once saw this quote on a manga; I don’t remember which one… all I want to say is that I believe that my work in this course is just the baby steps to something bigger, I remember trying different things every time I submitted a picture; in some pictures I tried to learn photoshop and in others how to use the lightroom or dark room?, other than that, I created my own background once, and I arranged and organized the items in a certain way according to color in order to tell a story… It was always a struggle to pick just one work at a time. However, I’m pleased with the results. After all I am not in competition with anyone but myself. My goal is to improve continuously.

Thank you and enjoy!

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