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Lama Masarwa

I'm Lama Masarwa. A nineteen year old girl who lives in Taybe. 

As far as I can go with my thoughts, I evolve. Whatever it takes, I can face and I can be there. Yes, I am this kind of person who drops it all to do the best of the best as possible.

Well, my love of this course doesn't come out of nothing. It is about this thing called "LITERATURE". Whoever knows me should know how much I'm addicted to this brilliant world. For me, literature is life. Diving into it gives me the chance to leave it all behind living my drawn acts as if they are real. 

It's not only about passing and coming across this word. I had one of the best stories to be ever told. The day I'll stand there talking to my students about the lecturer who inspired me, I will have no other option. My mind will automatically switch to talk about my very favourite lecturer Marlene. I have no words to express that inner love and appreciation towards this incredible person who and by only one smile could take my mind into a complete different field. She taught me how to be positive, how to be thankful, how to be happy... she made me love myself before anything. Any word she said was there to make a change and I will never ever forget her and her course.


You can clearly see that this is literally my favourite course. I am thankful for all of those who did their best to have us present in this amazing course. The most special part of it all is that I reflected my love of literature on my poems that happened to build up a book where my memories can get together. 

The second part of the course was a special platform for me to explore a new pattern of processing thoughts. I was a beginner who had no clue as regards what to do to get things better than they are. At a more advanced stage, I could take pictures taking into consideration all the things that the greatest Matan has talked about. He is such an amazing teacher that is full of energy hoping to do his best and consume every second to teach us something new. 

I can say now that I've discovered a new hobby that was a bit hidden and because of this course it is becoming my new addiction for today. 

I am truly proud to be part of this bloody amazing journey that will leave its impacts till forever.

Uh, I am a poet and a photographer now... any requests? In a blink of an eye yours will be done.. I am Marlene's and Matan's student don't ever forget that 3>.

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