Dania Ghanem 

Hello all,

السّلام عليكم،

I'm Dania, a 21 year old girl, student at Beitberl College, I live in Qalansuwa.

This is my second year studying special education. I feel proud to be in this path, especially in the path of excelling in college.

Actually, photography isn't one of my talents, I was hoping for this but satisfied with what I have.

This course gave me the opportunity to discover the world of art and photography, and the meanings of many terms related to photography, which I did not realize, and others that I know and have developed.

For me, all the photos I photographed are a great achievement which could be a starting point for what is coming.

I know that the images are not professional but carry many meanings, feelings and moments that we should keep and look at them with our heart.

Thank you!


Retelling story.jpg