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The art of void

We tend to think that creation and art are a product of doing and abundance. When we think of art making we usually think of many materials and supplies, we think of actions that create something new. The same actions and materials are associated for us most often to a state of leisure. you need to have time in order to paint or play music.

But there is also another kind of art, one that looks at nothingness, one that out of choice or necessity is created from a state of limitation and lack. One that finds meaning precisely where it seems to have left it.


The past year, a year of global pandemic, has changed world orders, and many people have had to adapt to a life of limited and lacking. In addition to the loss of many loved ones the habit of through how leave also had to give up many of the habits: travel abroad, teaching or working out of home and meetings and gathering with friends and family.


And what kind of changes appear in art? What art can be done in times of lack and where art can draws its power from? Is there tape of art that gets its meaning from the limitation, the missing or from the void?

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